Frequently asked questions

What is Together Trade?

Together Trade is a software especially designed for new and used machinery dealers to enhance their commercial activity and provide the tools to become more efficient and successful. Watch an overview video of Together Trade here.

What type of business is Together Trade designed for?

Small companies and individuals that primarily manage, buy and sell, new and pre-owned machinery of all types. How do I know Together Trade is right for me?

What software do I need to download in order to use Together Trade?

None! Together Trade works cross-platform from any web browser and does not require special software.

Do I need to pay an additional fee for the app?

No. Together Trade members have full access, in the app, to all of the features especially designed for them. However, anyone can download the app to access the Together Trade marketplace to view the listings of Together Trade members.



Does Together Trade participate in the transaction?

No. Your business is yours and yours alone. We do not take any commission from the sales you negotiate using Together Trade.

How much does it cost?

Together Trade charges a monthly membership fee. Please contact us at for more information and to get started!

How can I pay?

We will send you an invoice and payment can be made by bank transfer.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time by contacting us at

How do I extract my data from Together Trade?

We will be sad to see you go but will do everything to facilitate a seamless exit from our system and ensure that you take all of your data with you.

How many users can I have?

Up to 3 users. If you require more we can arrange this (at cost).

Who owns the information I put into Together Trade?

You and you alone. Together Trade merely provides the platform for and hosts your data. We never, under any circumstance, share, view, or sell your information and data to a third party or contact your customers directly. Please refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions for more details.

What does it mean to “share” a item?

With Together Trade, you have the option to “share” one or many of your machines within your network of other professionals. When you share an item with a colleague, they are able to offer (without having to copy/paste) YOUR machine within THEIR network. This is to increase the visibility of your machine and its reach to potential customers. The ownership, of course, remains yours.

Who can view the information I put into Together Trade?

Only you and the users within your database have the ability to view and edit your information. However, you can chose to use our networking feature and “share” one or many of your machines with one of your fellow dealers, reps, or agents. They will then be able to see your machine´s listing and have the ability to offer it within their network (with the intention of finding a buyer for YOU).

How secure is the information on the Together Trade host?

Together Trade servers are hosted in Google Cloud Platform, the same cloud computing infrastructure that Google Inc. uses internally for its well-known products, such as Google Search and YouTube. This alone should be reassuring!

Furthermore, each Together Trade member’s database, is isolated from other member databases in such a way that in the case of an unforeseen security problem, data theft is practically impossible.

Our servers are maintained and audited 24 / 7 by our technical team. We guarantee the latest service packs and security updates to our operating systems.

What does it mean to send a mailshot or circular?

A mailshot or a circular is a dispatch of email, especially promotional material, to a large number of people. Perhaps you have acquired a new machine or machines and want to share this information with your customers. Together Trade provides a fast and easy way to send personalised emails to a large group of people. We provide professional templates: select the format of your choice and send. The mailshot will be sent out to your client in their preferred language, as indicated in your customer directory, and each one personalised, addressed to the receiver.

How do I begin working with Together Trade?

Getting started is easy! Kindly complete this form and a Together Trade representative will be in touch with you.

How can I view my inventory and offers if I don’t have internet access?

Access anywhere, anytime with our mobile iOS and Android application. Offline through the app, you can access your machines and photos, add customers, and create offers (that will automatically send once your back online).


Can I use Together Trade from another computer?

Absolutely! With your unique username and password you can connect with any computer or mobile device.

If I already have a database of customers, do I have to manually input the list in Together Trade?

No, you can upload your customer list directly.

What type of support will I receive from Together Trade?

All Together Trade members will have access to our online tutorials which explain, step-by-step, each feature.

Are there other services that Together Trade charges for separately?


The following are additional services we provide at cost:

  • customising your machines´ specific categories and characteristics.
  • customising your templates to suit your needs.
  • personalised online training.
  • additional users (membership comes with 3).
Do my customers have to use Together Trade to receive my offers?

No. With Together Trade you can send offers to your customers that they will receive via email, WhatsApp, Facebook or any messaging service you chose to use and send out your offers.

How do I refresh the contents of the app?

The data is refreshed automatically! Any changes you make in Together Trade will automatically update in the app, your online catalogue, and Together Trade marketplace.

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